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See. Hear. Touch sound. Reify is a NY based startup bringing sounds to life through 3d printing. It's a sort of Synesthesia for everyone. 

I shot and edited a film for them for the CEO's presentation at SXSW as well as photographed many of their most excellent sound sculptures. 

I've got a long and growing list of sounds I'd love to see printed including the extinct screech of the pterodactyl. 

A Tool for Sculpting Sounds

Reify works with artists to visualize audio through a custom designed tool to sculpt with sound. My wife is a badass UX designer who designed the first prototype for the sculpting platform. Below is an animated demo of the tool.

Augmented Reality

Part of the Reify platform includes the ability to "read" sculptures via a totem (much like a stylus reads a record player), and play back the music with a customized AR experience. Again with the help of some good UX.